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R. Gazelle Fur Gilet...

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Anyway what I'm actually here to talk to you about today....

This week I was sent a truly stunning piece by R.Gazelle. This beautiful pink fur gilet!

R Gazelle are an upcoming brand selling lovely fur coats and gilets and they are based in London.
They do not currently have a website but there is one in progress.
This means the items are not yet for sale but I just wanted to introduce the brand to you all so you can be some of the first people to see this luxury exclusive collection... How exciting!

Although they are based in London they plan to do worldwide shipping so all my lovely followers can get their hands on one!

When the items are up for sale I shall let you all know!

They do have an Instagram page if you want to have a look at some of their other items too!

So yes, when I received my gilet I couldn't believe how soft the fur was! It was very silky smooth and felt a lot nicer than my own hair (that's not hard, it's in terrible condition lately) The colour was so girly and fun! I don't have a huge selection of pink items in my wardrobe so I just thought this would make a nice little change for me! I'm glad I chose this colour. It reminds me of something out of legally blonde. Such a classic.

I really love the quality of the gilet, the lining is a bit different to what you would expect but it is completely hand stitched so it's a very thin grid-like lining however because the fur is so thick it makes it really nice and warm.

As a new company they plan on improving their products along the way and so the quality will just get better and better and obviously reviews like this will help them know what to improve on so I think they are going about it really well!

If you're wondering why I'm doing a lot of winter related outfits lately it's just coincidence. Although this is the best time of year to get winter stock, lots of sales and you're all prepared for the inevitable early unpredictable British cold weather!

At first I did think what will I wear this with?
I find that gilets can be difficult to dress sometimes but I was pleasantly surprised at how many things looked nice with this gilet.

I got this in an XS but it is a loose casual fit rather than fitted so it looks quite big but that's how it is meant to look and how I personally prefer it. I think when it comes to fur, the bulkier the better.

I tried it with a variety of outfits and here are some pictures to show you how it looks on and give you an idea of the fit.

First up, this is it with a short sleeve pink top. I thought pink on pink actually looked really nice and wasn't too much pink! I think some lovely light denim jeans would also go really nicely with this but I was already wearing leggings.

I then tried it over the top of one of my dresses. I decided to stick to light colours and went for this airy ivory dress. I really like the detail of the lace up against the fur! It feels quite bohemian and we all know Fashion Blogger Stacie likes bohemian!

You could wear it with or without tights. I think without tights would be lovely for a warmer day when you can maybe go to a beer garden and out for a bite to eat.

I then tried a jumper. This is such an old jumper but I still love it so much, I love that even though the gilet is pink it can still be worn with patterns. Sometimes the brighter colours can be hit and miss with patterns but I found this quite adaptable.

I then threw it over various items such as my barbour style jacket which I wouldn't really have thought to do myself but the company had recommended trying it over different coats and so I thought I'd give it a go and I actually thought it was nice! 

Nice one R.Gazelle!

I tried it with some cowl neck capes and then a cardigan too. It really is so versatile!

However my personal favourite way to wear was over my leather jacket. I thought this looked really cool and chic and just added that bit of colour to my plain black boring leather jacket. The lapels fit nicely over the gilet and I wasn't too hot and bothered in it but I wouldn't wear it on a sunny day.

This is probably going to be my most popular way of wearing it. Every time I put my leather jacket on now I'll probably wonder whether to add the gilet. It goes so nicely together!

If anybody can think of any other ways to wear this gilet let me know!

I highly recommend checking out their Instagram page and following it while you're there. That way you can be updated with news on release dates etc... You can see their variety of colours there too!

I hope you all like my gilet as much as I do!

Thank you to R.Gazelle for sending me this lovely piece! I'm very happy with it and you have been an absolute pleasure to work with and very patient! Looking forward to seeing your website when it is up and running!

Good luck with everything

and thank you everyone for reading

Until next time guys, 

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me free of charge in exchange for a review.

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