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If you wish to use any of my own images please just link it to my blog and please give credit where it is due.

Most products featured on my blog are purchased by myself. However sometimes I will be marketing or reviewing a product in exchange for free items or for money. 
Any sponsors will be mentioned at the end of each blog post.

I am more than happy to collaborate with brands and designers who wish to have a feature on my blog. Occasionally I may turn down your offer but only if I feel it really doesn't relate to my blog or personal style.

If you wish for me to feature you then please do get in touch and I will reply asap. 

I currently monetise my blog using Google Adsense and also other affiliate links meaning if you were to purchase any item through links on my site then I would get a small commission of the sale. This will not cost you any extra money, it just helps the company know you found the item through my recommendation.

I also use Skimlinks which is also where if you buy something through one of my links I get a commission.

All opinions and reviews are my 100% honest opinion. I will never feature a product I do not like.

Any information in my blog posts are my own thoughts so please don't take any of my advice as 100% factual. I do not claim to be an expert in any fields I speak about on my blog. Therefore I do not take responsibility if you try a product and have a different opinion to myself.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.
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